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Your Strategic Partner for Sound Investment in Water Infrastructure

California Academy of Sciences

Master Plan Development

Many water infrastructure projects provide only partial solutions to a problem. RESbonds implements a holistic management approach that results in a master plan as a road map to attack the root cause of problems or environmental degradation and damage due to natural disasters and climate change.

Performance-Based Project Structuring and Packaging

Utilities are left with studies and project designs worth millions of dollars but often do not know how to go about financing those projects. RESbonds structures these projects into bankable projects, develops blended financing options, and prepares economic analyses for potential investors to provide returns on the investment commensurate to the value accrued to the beneficiaries of the project.


Program Monitoring Platforms

Monitoring of environmental restoration projects is essential to determine performance-based repayment to investors. However, monitoring is expensive and must be properly designed because improvements take many years to become apparent. RESbonds provides a custom-built monitoring platform that collects performance data from a variety of sources--remote sensing, field surveys, automated measurements, programmatic indicators--and computes analytics to determine whether a project is providing the intended benefits.

Smart Contracts

Water infrastructure projects exhibit high transaction costs because they are unique and require bespoke design and structuring. This complexity creates inefficiencies in the process to trigger performance-based repayments. RESbonds streamlines this process by using blockchain-enabled smart contracts by which repayments to investors are triggered automatically as a result of the monitoring platform analytics. Smart contracts  reduce transaction costs and the amount of contract customization needed by eliminating the need for third parties or a judiciary system.

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